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Next Week

2013-08-22 02:50:06 by Reztak

Hello. Reztak again. I'd like to announce that I will attempt to submit a song every week with some excuses. Number 1, I die. Number 2, I'm on vacation. Expect number 2 more often. This means that every Monday is officially 'Music Monday'. Check every week for a new submission.


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2013-08-22 19:48:26

every week? are you serious and sure you can keep this promise to not only yourself but also to the audience the listeners the people who quit-rage-clicking the links?

yes there are more question hidden beneeth but the true answer is NO, you will eventually dry-out, and be out of inspiration and make more excuses ;) believe me. or not. if you can keep your promise i will eat my shoes. if not, ill tell you this: I TOLD YOU!

Reztak responds:

I'm sorry you think that. I realize that, eventually I will run out of ideas for songs, but for now, enjoy it. You get to hear a song every week. I swear, most of them are fresh off the keys. I'm already going overtime on songs. I literally made 2 in the last week. Also, I didn't make a promise, I said I was going to try, didn't I?