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2013-11-01 17:08:40 by Reztak

Hi. As you could probably see, my profile picture sucks. I was wondering if anybody had an idea I could use for a profile pic. If you haven't already seen it, I won't make you get out and look at my profile pic. I'll just put it every where on this post

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2013-11-01 17:24:52

You should make your prof pic a black and white image of an angry Beethoven


2013-11-01 17:50:15



2013-11-02 21:51:28

Hellow retar... k remember me? :D

(Updated ) Reztak responds:

Yes. I do remember the 28 year old going around and trolling people. Oh by the way. Good job on trolling some kid half your age.


2013-11-03 17:16:56

How about a blue whale? A slime green background with a blob of ooze? A phoenix rising through a fiery inferno? An astronaut floating out in the eternal void? A white dot? Einstein? Smiley?